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Handmade green confetti murano pendant


Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο

Handmade green confetti murano pendant

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Dress to impress with this amazing silver pendant , adorned with a genuine Italian murano ornament , hand-made via the traditional Italian glass-blowing technique .

             The beautiful confetti-like multi-color design has a fantastic texture . The striking murano ornament is further highlighted by a silver abstract laurel .

The neckpiece consists of four rows of green steel-wire and it measures approximately 40 cm in length . However , please bear in mind that it can be custom-made to any size you wish , free of charge .

                          All jewellery manufactured in our workshop is accompanied by an original Lyritis workshop certificate guaranteeing authenticity and assuring the characteristics of your unique gemstones . We also offer gift packaging on all wonen's jewellery .

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