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Payment Methods

For your own convenience, lyriti-jewells.gr offers the following payment methods:

1. COD (Cash on Delivery)
You can pay the cost of your order in cash upon delivery at the specified delivery address.

2. Bank Deposit
You can choose one of following banks for your deposit.

IBAN GR 43 0140 1480 1480 0200 2004 343
Account number 148 00 2002 0043 43
Beneficiary:  Lyriti  Niki (Λυρίτη Νίκη )

IBAN GR 8101106720000067274993459
Account number 672/749943-59
Beneficiary:  Lyriti  Niki (Λυρίτη Νίκη )

Please note that when you make the deposit, you must give your full name as the reason for the deposit.

3. Credit (or Debit ) Card .
ALPHA BANK undertakes the task to process your payment, ensuring the absolute security of your transaction.

Please note that upon entering your credit card details, the bank does not charge you; they just bind the amount of your purchase. You are actually charged during the pricing of your order. For enhanced security, all the credit card transactions are carried out through Alpha Bank’s e-Pay e-Commerce Service.

Thus, during the purchase process via credit card, the customer is automatically transferred to a secure server hosted by Alpha Bank. All information (specifically, the credit card details) transmitted electronically from the customer to the service of the Alpha  Bank  and their transfer from the bank to Visa, Electronic Visa or Master Card is covered by the algorithm encryption SSL 256-bit, the currently strongest encryption. Please note that your credit card details are not saved, they are just used for verification and charging purposes. Therefore, all transactions with our e-shop (www.lyriti-jewells.gr) made via credit cards are perfectly safe.
We shall inform you that lyriti-jewells.gr neither collects nor saves credit card data and for this reason you need to re-enter all information needed each and every time you use your credit card for transactions through this page.
4. Paypal Payment Service
Finally, you may use the PayPal service to perform secure money transfers.